My interests and want vary greatly.  It can't hurt to send me an e-mail with your entire library, I can usually find something of interest...if not, well at least you tried.

Off the bat here are things that spark my interest:

Older games on tape - not edited.  Especially hockey and particularly the Pittsburgh Penguins.  If you have stuff from the early 80's or 1970's - that would be most wanted.
Baseball games from the 1970's.  Especially if they are not playoff games.

As it happens type stuff - Reagan being shot and have the regularly scheduled program interupted - stuff like that

Pretty well anything older - Mad Dash, To Tell the Truth, I've Got A Secret, Canadian Game Shows, etc.

Where do I begin?  Here's only a handful - but I want lots more

TV Ontario (TVO, TVOntario) programming from the late 70's and early 80's (eg. Write On!, Jeremy, What If...., Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim (now obtained), Vision On!, Parlez-Moi, Inside/Out (since obtained) , Math Patrol, Cucumber, Readalong, Fables of the Green Forest, Body Works, World of B.J. Vibes, etc.)
Whiz Kids (CBS - early 1980's) - Now have
Powers of Matthew Star (my missing episodes) (NBC - early 1980's) - Now have
Eight is Enough (ABC late 70's)
Logan's Run (late 70's) - Now have
Sledgehammer (ABC mid-80's) -Now have
Anything with the Amazing Kreskin
California Fever (late 70's) - Now Have
Perfect Strangers (ABC mid-80's)
Three's A Crowd (ABC mid-80's) - Now have
Edison Twins (Canada late 80's)
Molloy (FOX 1990)
What's Happening (ABC late 80's) - Now have
Head of the Class (ABC mid-80's)
Get a Life (FOX late 80's) - Now have
Sidestreet (CBC 70's)
On the Buses (British 1970's) - Now have
Amazing Kreskin (CTV late 70's)
What Will they Think of Next? (Science International)
The Trouble With Tracy (CTV 1970 1971)
Time of Your Life (Canadian High School soap opera 1988)

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Last updated January 3, 2010