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1966 World Cup Final West Germany England - Hear the famous call of "It is now!" Controversial second England goal. (319)

5/2/1976 New York Cosmos - Chicago Sting (D244)
6/6/1976 New York Cosmos - Tampa Bay Rowdies (D245)
1977 New York Cosmos - Rochester (D386)
1977 Soccer Bowl 1977 (D246)
1977 FA Cup (D83)
1977 Pele's last game (Wide World of Sports) (D767)
1978 MISL Philadelphia - Cincinnati (D388)
8/20/1978 NASL Playoffs Tampa Bay Rowdies - Fort Lauderdale Strikers (D447) 1978 MISL Buffalo - Chicago (D388)
1978 MISL Philadelphia-New York (D388)
12/19/79 Philadelphia-St. Louis (Indoor soccer) (D766)
1979 NASL Chicago Stings - Minnesota Kicks (Wild 2nd half and beyond) (D139)
1979 NASL Semi-Final NY Cosmos-Vancouver Whitecaps Quite possibly the greatest NASL game ver. Giant stadium is packed. ABC TV is there. Some incredible action and a wild shootout! (423, 424) (D73)
1980 MISL Regular Season Detroit - New York (D194)
1980 MISL Philadelphia-Buffalo (D387)
1980 Soccer Bowl 1980 (D247)
1/11/81 Toronto Blizzards-Edmonton Drillers (Indoor NASL - 1st quarter only) (D765)
1982 World Cup Semi Final West Germany France The best World Cup game ever played? Just a super Overtime and a thrilling shootout (238)
1982 NASL Indoor Montreal - Tampa Bay (D446)
1983 NASL Soccer Bowl Toronto - Tampa Bay (D193)
1985 World Cup Qualifier Canada - Honduras (D634)
1990 World Cup Semi-Finals Germany-England (D796), Italy-Argentina (36)(D795) and Finals Germany-Argentina (98) (D175)(D792)
1994 World Cup Final (339)(D176)
1998 World Cup Final (306) (D177)
1999 European Cup Man U - Boyern Munich (Not recommended for Boyern Munich fans) (421, 422) (D263)
2002 World Cup Final (441)(D178)
2010 World Cup Slovenia - USA (D716), Slovenia - England (D716)

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