Welcome to my very plain Video Tape / DVD Library webpage.  I collect many things, so if you don't see something you have on my want list - e-mail me what you have, prehaps we can swing a trade!

The number preceeding the item on the tape, or in brackets after the event is simply my tape number in my library.







Send an e-mail to me at : rambrozic1119@rogers.com Rick Ambrozic copyright 2003

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Trading Policies (borrowed from another website)

                      I trade on a "time for time" basis.  Six hours from you gets six hours from me
                     I use good quality Brand New T-120 videos / brand name DVDs and expect the same in return.   No
                      recycled tapes please. I also check the tape to make sure it came out
                      okay after it's done and I appreciate it if you give the tape a quick once over to
                      make sure it recorded properly.  (Note EP is also known as SLP on some VCR's)
                      I'm up front about quality of recordings.  I will let you know if there are any
                      problems with a particular item and let you choose something else if need be
                      before it's sent out.   Please do the same.  Also, please keep in mind that tape
                      quality suffers slightly with each subsequent generation of dubbing.  The lists will
                      make note of any issues in quality.

                      I can pretty much finish any trade within two weeks.... probably sooner and will
                      send it out by then (unless I state otherwise).



                      I do not claim ownership to any of the programs I am trading. Trading is done strictly for hobby.


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