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1961 NCAA College Basketball University of Kansas- University of Missouri (Wild Brawl - stemming from a football game earlier in the year, the hatred continues between these bitter rivals. Fans get in on the action during the melee - the referees in effort to try and stop the ruckus get the band to start playing the National Anthem!) (D88)(456)
1972 Olympics USSR-USA (Controversial finish) (D762)
1976 NCAA Championship Game (D459)
1976 NBA Finals Boston-Phoenix Gm 5 (The ref gets attacked by a crazed fan, a buzzer-beater to extend the game, incredible shots - WOW! (3 Ot's) (D515) (149)

1978 NCAA Championship Game (D460)
1978 NBA All-Star Game (D600)
1978 NBA Finals Washington-Seattle Game 7 (D74)
1979 NCAA Wichita St - Indiana St. (Larry Bird) (453)
1979 NCAA Indiana St. -Drake (454)
1979 NCAA Final Indiana State - Michigan (Larry Bird- Magic Johnson pave the way for basketball to come of age in the 1980's) (176)(D774)
1979 NBA San Diego Clippers - Los Angeles Lakers (Magic Johnson's first NBA game) (D206)
1979 NBA All-Star Game (D491)
1981 Indiana - UNC (Michael Jordan) (D191)
1982 Houston - North Carolina (Michael Jordan) (192)
1983 NCAA Final NC State-Houston (The Cardiac Kids, Jim Valvano,Derrick Whittenburg, Lorenzo Charles oh it's a long way....) (D69)(282)(D774)

1984 Duke - Univerisity of North Carolina (Michael Jordan) (D190)
1987 NCAA Championship Game (D461)
1988 NCAA Final (25)
1990 NCAA Final Duke-UNLV (113)
1991 NCAA Semi-Final Duke-UNLV (D215)
1991 NCAA Final Duke-Kansas (10) (D822)
1992 NCAA Troy State - Devry (Highest scoring college game ever)
1992 Duke Blue Devils -Kentucky Wild Cats (best college game ever? - It would have been had Duke lost. Christian Laettner catches the football pass and makes good) (D55) (83)
1992 NCAA Final Duke-Michigan  (89) (D900)
1992 NBA Finals Chicago-Portland Game 6 (302)
1993 NCAA Final North Carolina-Michigan (62)
1995 NCAA Final (310)
1996 NCAA Final Syracuse-Kentucky (290)
1997 NCAA Final (268)
1998 NCAA Regional Finals - Stanford-Rhode Island, Kentucky-Duke (349)

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