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This show was from the UK. Had some fantastic themes. Tony Hart and two others were the people on this show. These people could draw and then some. All about arts - using paints, scissors, pencils etc. their end product was always very impressive. Every so often they would chase this worm that made weird noises around the office - I never had an idea just what that was all about. Aired on TV Ontario, TVO, TVOntario - in Canada.

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James provides us thiis great info:

Vision On was coproduced between the BBC and TVO, I believe, possibly related to the same relationship that got TVO "Doctor Who" back in the
One of the characters on "Vision On", who lived in Backwards world, and did everything backwards, was referred to as "Sylvester".
He was, in fact, Sylvester McCoy, who would go on to play the seventh Doctor on "Doctor Who". The Daleks also made an appearance on an episode
of "Vision On" (After Tony Hart drew one on the parking lot pavement).

I vaguely recall a sequence where, photos would be shown, extreme closeups of something, accompanied by somewhat freaky music.
There was no voiceover or anything, you were supposed to guess what you were looking at. The camera would eventually pull back and reveal the
whole picture...

Chris provides us the following information: I can provide a little more info about Vision On. It was produced for deaf children, that is why there was almost no talking in the show, just visuals and incredible music. When they would introduce parts of the show, they would sign the announcement simultaneously. There was a section called The Gallery, where kids would send in artwork which would be shown in slow, lingering closeups, always set to the same wonderful jazz theme played on vibraphone.

Another recurring segment was - Tony Hart would make a giant-size piece of art in the middle of a concrete playing field or something, using a machine like the ones they use to put the lines in the road. First they would show him drawing out the lines, pushing this cart/machine, then it would cut to a topshot to show you the whole picture of what he was drawing.