Thinkabout was a series of sixty programs to help students in Grades 5 & 6 become independent learners and problem solvers by strenthening their reasoning skills and reviewing and reinforcing their language arts, mathematics and study skills. The series was broken up into 13 themes which were Finding Alternative, Estimating & Approximating, Giving & Getting Meaning, Collecting Information, Finding Patterns, Generalizing, Sequence and Scheduling, Using Criteria, Reshaping Information, Judging Information, Communicataing Effectively and Solving Problems

It aired on PBS, TVO, TV Ontario, TVOntario.

Here are some images from the start of the show:


1. Finding Alternatives: Why Bother?
2. Finding Alternatives: Brainstorming
3. Finding Alternatives: Blockbusting
4. A Tip: You Can Remember
5. Estimating and Approximating: Estimating

6. Estimating and Approximating: Approximating
7. Estimating and Approximating: Using Estimating and Approximating
8. Tip #2: Find Your Guide
9. Giving & Getting Meaning: What's the Meaning?
10. Giving & Getting Meaning: Meaning is More than Words

11. Giving & Getting Meaning: Remember the Audience!
12. Giving & Getting Meaning: But What Does It Mean?
13. Giving & Getting Meaning: The Bigger Picture
14. Giving & Getting Meaning: Where Are You Coming From?
15. Challenge #1: Time Capsule: Make a Present for the Future

16. Collecting Information: What Do I Know?
17. Collecting Information: Where Should I Go?
18. Collecting Information: What Should I Do?
19. A Tip: There are Ways to Remember
20. Classifying: Classifying Objects

21. Classifying: Classifying Information
22. Classifying: Stereotyping People
23. A Tip: There Are Many Ways to Go