MARC FAVREAU/SOL (1929-2005)

Parlez-Moi was a series featured on TVOnatrio, TVO, TV Ontario.

I believe there was Series One, which were 10 minute segments and then Series Two which had 15 minute long segments.

Each show was divided as follows. Marc Favreau introduces a series of french words and phrases. We then see part of a sketch featuring Sol (which is Marc Favreau dressed up). We then return back to Marc Favreau to learn some more terms. Next we see more of the sketch. We go back to Marc Favreau who goes over some of the terms we learnt and then we get to watch the complete sketch again. There might be a third part of the sketch and then an overview before the complete sketch is shown - I am not 100% sure.

Each episode had a title like above. In my searches I have been able to find the following episode names: Sol in the Haunted House, Sol Minds the Fruit Store, Sol in the Jewelry Store, Sol and the Fisherman, Sol at the Airport, Sol the Babysitter, Sol at the Hotel, Sol on the Telephone, Sol and the Washing Machine, Sol at the Doctors, Sol at the Hardware Store, Sol the Painter, Sol and the Scout Tent, Sol and the Burglar, Sol's Physical Training, Sol and the Garage Mechanic, Sol and the Policeman, Sol and the Cinema Ticket, Sol and the Christmas Tree, Sol and the Flea Market, Sol and the Photographer.


Marc Favreau as his most famous character SOL - the only reason I ever liked watching this program!

Here are some images from the episode that Sol visits a local Disc Jockey DJ:

On December 17, 2005 Marc Favreau passed away. Here is the obit taken from the CBC website.

Quebec loses its 'great magician of words'

A major force in the Quebec entertainment scene, Marc Favreau, has died at the age of 76.
Favreau gained fame playing Sol the hobo clown for three decades. Favreau died of cancer in a Montreal hospital Saturday.
Gov. Gen. Michaëlle Jean released a statement from Ottawa Sunday honouring Sol as "the great magician of words."
Jean said Favreau won hearts over the years and opened eyes with his comedy.
"Sol used the power of words to combat human indifference … His voice will be terribly missed."
Favreau caught the performing bug after the Second World War when he became a set designer at a Montreal's
Théâtre du Nouveau Monde in the 1950s. Soon after, he created his famous character, Sol, the clown who never laughed.
Sol had a knack for cleverly contorting words. The character gained notoriety in Quebec after
appearing in two hit television series, one of which was a children's show on Radio-Canada, CBC's French-language service.
"I like to play the wrecks, the eccentrics, the ruined," Favreau has been quoted as saying.
The performer said he drew inspiration from another famous clown tramp - Charlie Chaplin.
Favreau also performed in Europe and other French-speaking countries. He was appointed Knight
of the National Order of Quebec in 1995 and an Officer of the Order of Canada in 2003.
"I draw with words," said Favreau, describing his performances as Sol

The fine people that made this possible:
Shop Assistant: Francoise Vallee
Graphics: Joyce Cosby
Set Design: Chris Adeney
Unit Manager: Rodger Lawson
Production Assistant: Paulette St-Amour
Director: Peter McLean
Written and Produced: Denise Boiteau & David Stansfield


1.Sol in the Restaurant

2. Sol on the Telephone

3. Sol and the Burglar

4. Sol the Babysitter

5.Sol Goes through Customs

6.Sol and the Fortuneteller

7. Sol's Weather Report

8. Sol's Physical Training

9.Sol at the Doctor's

10.Sol and the Washing Machine

11. Sol and the Garage Mechanic

12. Sol and the Policeman

13. Sol and the Cinema Ticket

14.Sol and the Scout Tent

15. Sol and the Christmas Tree

16. Sol and the Flea Market

17. Sol and the Photographer

18. Sol and the Fisherman

19. Sol and the Gambler

20. Sol and the Tomatoes

21. Sol at the Hotel

22. Sol at the Airport

23. Sol at the Hairdresser's

24. Sol's Job Interview

25. Sol Goes to the Beach

26. Sol's Birthday Cake

27. Sol the Painter

28. Sol at the Grocer's

29. Sol at the Hardware Store

30. Sol and the Clockmaker

31. Sol and the Mailman

32. Sol Goes to the Dentist

33. Sol Joins the Army

34. Sol's Singing Lesson

35. Sol Goes to the Bank

36. Sol at the Candy Store

37. Sol at the Shoe Store

38. Sol in the Library

39. Sol Plays Golf

(40): Sol and the Game Show
(41): Sol at the Drugstore
(42): Sol and the Vacuum Cleaner
(43): Sol at the Travel Agency
(44): Sol and the Pizza
(45): Sol and the Sailboat
(46): Sol at the Record Store
(47): Sol Buys a House
(48): Sol at the Tailor's
(49): Sol the Dishwasher
(50): Sol Goes to Jail
(51): Sol and the Lumberjack
(52): Sol in the Haunted House
(53): Sol Minds the Fruit Store
(54): Sol in the Jewlery Store
(55): Sol's Dancing Lesson
(56): Sol in the Garden
(57): Sol and the TV Commercial
(58): Sol Goes to Court
(59): Sol and the Artist
(60): Sol in the Hospital


(1): Sol and the Optician
(2): Sol Goes West
(3): Sol in the Elevator
(4): Sol and the Assembly Line
(5): Sol on the Bus
(6): Sol Sets the Table
(7): Sol on the Stage
(8): Sol in the Post Office
(9): Sol at the Train Station
(10): Sol Rents a Room
(11): Sol Plays Hockey
(12): Sol and the Used Car
(13): Sol and the Disc Jockey
(14): Sol the Office Boy
(15): Sol and the Great Detective
(16): Sol Learns Good Manners
(17): Sol and the Lovers
(18): Sol at the Butcher's
(19): Sol at the Fashion Boutique
(20): Sol and the Pirates
(21): Sol in the Sports Shop
(22): Sol's First Aid Lesson
(23): Sol and the Carpenter
(24): Sol and the Spies
(25): Sol at the Baker's
(26): Sol in the Park
(27): Sol Rides a Horse
(28): Sol in the Laundry
(29): Sol and the Balloon Race
(30): Sol and the Journalist