High Feather was produced by the Bureau of Mass Communications, New York State Education Dept., the same that did the two seasons of Vegetable Soup

This show was a 13 part series produced by PBS in 1980. It followed the trials and tribulations of 8 summer camp attendees. 4 girls, 4 boys.

Here are some random images from the first episode - I will add show credits at some future date:

The people who helped make it happen:

Executive Producer: Yanna Kroyt Brandt
Producer: Judy Seeger
Director: Alan Seeger
Writer: Barbara Kay Davidson

The Actors:
Leslie: Jacqueline Allen
Stan: Brian Goldberg
Leo: Virgil Hayes
Tom: Richard Levey
Suzanne: Cindy O'Neal
Cathy: Emily Wagner
Ann: Tasha Washington
Domingo: Tino Zaldivar
Kim: Robert Y R Chung
Mrs. Riggs: Barbara Brown
Nurse: Ramona Brito
Swim Coach: Powell McGill

Special Thanks to Camp Madison-Felicia and Camp Minisink