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Ghostwriter debuted on PBS in fall of 1992, it last on PBS until 1995. It then moved networks to CBS. When it moved to CBS the show got destroyed and such being the case will not focus any time on that aspect of the shows history.

Ghostwriter was funded in part by Nike. Spike Lee also endorsed the show and even had his own glow-in-the-dark Ghostwriter sticker.

Ghostwriter was something that was visible to a select number of children. Ghostwriter helped solved various mysteries in this neighbourhood pocket of Brooklyn. A group of friends would also track down clues and the like, with the help of the invisible Ghostwriter - who would only communicate to them with words. Sometimes Ghostwriter would communicate and write messages on a computer; other times he would jumble letters from a billboard, school wall, notebook etc.

The main characters (at least from the first episode, other 'chosen' people appeared in late episodes and seasons)

Alex Fernandez was played by David Lopez (his parents owned a Bodaga (small grocery store), his sister was Gaby)

Gaby Fernandez was played by Mayteana Morales (the younger sister of Alex)

Marcella Lowery played Grandma Jenkins (the down-to-earth Grandmother of Jamal) (Plays Donovan McNabb's mother on those Chunky soup commercials)

Jamal Jenkins was played by Sheldon Turnipseed (Ghostwriter first communicated to Jamal. Ghostwriter was 'hidden' inside an old truck in the basement of the Jenkins house)

The lovely Lenni Frazier was played by Blaze Berdahl (Lennis' father was a musician and lived above the Bodaga)(

Tina Nguyen played by Tram-Anh Tran (Tina was introduced to Ghostwriter at a later date. She appeared in the first episode as a 'news' reporter investigating the disappearance of various kids backpacks).


Various images from the show:

Jamal trying out his new computer his sister just gave him, discovers some weird goings on.


On her way to school, Gaby becomes the latest victim to the back pack thieves


Jamal checks out the playground where some weird stuff was going on the other night. He finds a cryptic button and an even more cryptic note.


Ghostwriter introduces himself to the lovely Lenni


The lovely Lenni confronts Jamal about Ghostwriter, which she thinks is some type of joke Jamal played on her



Season 1

1. Ghost Story
2.Who Burned Mr. Brinker's Store?
3.To Catch a Creep
4.Into the Comics
5.To the Light
6.Who's Who
7.Over a Barrel
8.Building Bridges

Season 2

9.Am I Blue?
10.Get the Message
11.Just in Time
12.Lost in Brooklyn
13.Who is Max Mouse?
14.Don't Stop the Music
15.What's Up With Alex?

Season 3

16.A Crime of Two Cities
17.Four Days of the Cockatoo
18.Attack of the Slime Monster