Here are some e-mails I have been sent regarding this site and other TVOntario shows. These people share many of the same fond memories I have. Some recall shows I didn't watch. Some need help trying to remember show titles. Others offer more links. Have a read and feel free to send me an e-mail


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Jan 8/ 2012 from Kotsy

Great site! My wife was on an old chch show called Tiny Talent time. Would you have any old time of this show?

(I am afraid not. I do fondly recall watching is Sunday afternoon's on CHCH 11 Hamilton)


Jan 14/12 from Nina

If you can help me recall the name of this children's show it would be amazing. All I remember is a young kid dressed up as a huge record. He used to dance with wooden spoons??

(No idea on this one)

Jan 19/12 from Kristina

I've been trying to remember the name of a PBS show I used to watch as a child in the 70's and 80's. It's about a librarian named Marian who gets taken into outer space and she's forced to tell stories. The one who kidnapped her keeps telling her once she tells a certain number she'll be released, I think.
The beginning of the show shows a spaceship flying through space and then it pans to her reading or ding something.

I hope you can help! This is driving me crazy!

(I hope someone knows)

Jan 20/12 from Jennifer

I was just looking at your site & wanted to tell you that I personally know a gentleman that helped with 3 shows that aired on TVO during that time frame.

L Ted Coneybeare, my uncle, was a big part of TVO.

As Ontario's Assistant Superintendent of Pre-School Programming, Ted become world famous for his creation (development and production) of TV Ontario's first pre-school series, "The Polka Dot Door", which became the longest running series in TV Ontario's history inception. In 1972 the series won the Silver Medal for a children's program at the Atlanta Film Festival.

Over the years Ted continued as Educational Supervisor, Producer-Educator, and Producer, responsible for over 400 programs, and after retirement in 1982, under contract, produced thirty more programs. The series has been telecast throughout Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, South Africa, and in some areas of the Middle and Far East. Spin-offs include: the "Polka Dot Door" stage show; a long playing record (the cover of which shows Ted wearing the main character's costume for the photo shoot with no one else present that the costume would fit); a parent's book, Through the Polka Dot Door; and "Polka Dot Door" toys, posters, and story books. He was responsible for the creation of two other series, "Guess What?" and "Tell Me a Story."

He passed away January 16, 2012 & had won a Gemini Award back last fall for his contribution of Polka Dot Door.

Should you come across merchandise for sale with regards to his shows could you please let me know? I would appreciate it.

(Thanks for sharing this with me)

Feb 3/12 from Bill

I've seen your page over the years. Excellent stuff and helped settle a thing about Timmothy Pilgrim. A friend and I were chatting and we
vaguely remembered an narrated animation called "What's in a name?

I don't see it there and wondering if it was TVO or something else.

I guess a few rich families got together and made a few historical/genealogical shorts about where certain families came from.

(I do have most of one episode and it very much looks like a short 5 minute TVO creation)

Feb 20/12 from Chris

Feb 28/08 from Christine:
Put me out of my misery! I'm desperate to find the name of a show I watched as a child (70s or 80s). I've asked everyone I know and posted the question online and have had no answers. I started searching online when I found your site. The show in question's opening had a covered wagon traveling through the countryside with a acting or Gypsies troupe in tow. Actors in ancient costume recreated fairy and/or cautionary tales on a modern-day stage. Closing credits played at dusk and the people and surroundings are now silhouetted. Does it sound familiar to you? I watched a lot of the shows you mentioned on TVO and even some you didn't (isn't "Let's Go!" a tvo program?

It was called Story Theatre.

Here's the IMDB link

It was driving me crazy too!

(Thanks for the followup!)

Mar 21/12 from Alivia

I've recently came across your website, and im not sure if you're still taking messages, but a few of my friends and teachers were wondering what this tv show was called. This is all we really remember:
There were about 5 or 6 ghosts, which were a family. One of them had glasses, they had- we think- a flying car, it was poorly animated, almost like a drawing. They all slept in the same room, which was a circle. I'm pretty sure there was a girl ghost and they might have lived in a castle.
Many people in my class thought it was Casper, but it's not.

(I am not sure, sounds like a strange show - hope someone else recognizes it)

March 26/12 from ORV

I found your page while looking for the title, episode # and airdates of a certain Readalong episode. I haven't seen this show in years.

The Readalong episode is Christmas themed and I remember an old lady singing The Twelve Days of Christmas and as she sang, things were being thrown at her! It was wacky stuff like "four rubber stop signs" and "an oatmeal cookie." Please help me find what this episode is! A clip of that segment would be even better.

I have a few episodes, I don't recall this at all though

March 28/12 from Aili

I have the teacher's manuals for both of these shows, as well as most episodes on vhs. I want to share with people, but I'm not sure where to start. What information would you like?

Anything and Everything I don't have is always good to get


March 30/12 from David

What a fantastic web site you have made.
I am also a real fan of these "old school" TVO productions. Now that I have children 2 and 8, I am craving great TV for them to no avail.

My favorite was the Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim. I really want my children to see this show.

There are some clips on youtube, I believe

Apr 18/12 from Gabe

From Now On It's TVO's Today's Special And Dear Aunt Agnes

Apr 20/12 from Mike

Do you know what became of Ann McGregor, the host of Stories of America, Tilson's Bookshop and Picture Book Park? I was trying to find information about her on the internet. WVIZ didn't know. All that comes up is that she passed away in September of 1985 in New Lyme, CT. She moved there after living in Berea, Ohio for 18 years. I discovered this after doing some more research on the net last night. I discovered her husband's obituary from 1995 and it basically told me about Ms. McGregor. Just thought I would share this information with you, just in case another person down the road may ask the same question.

This is good info - thank you

May 28/12 from Jess

When I was younger, I'm pretty sure Loomis and Toles sponsored this show on TVOKids (almost positive it was TVOKids!). Do you know what it's called?
I don't remember a whole lot from the show, but I remember them making a phone into a dragon phone (it was red) with oven baked clay, making tin can lanterns with tin cans poked through with nails, and for some reason I'm pretty sure there was a character named Madge with really freaky glasses. I researched "her" and it turns out "Madge" is a cross dresser with a more adult oriented show, so not sure what she was doing on the show demonstrating tin can lanterns! I watched this at my babysitter's house, so unless it was reruns it would have aired between 1998 and 2004ish.

Jun 3/12 from Anna

Gabor asked about a cartoon that showed historical moments. I think the one i am trying to find might be the same. 1985 ish and the same characters did a cartoon on the pony express and another one involving a two of them in a hot air balloon and one had a French accent. It is driving me nuts since i can remember so little. Anyway did not know if any anybody commented on Gabor's post or if someone other than my sister and I remember this.

It may have been Once Upon a Time…Man (which is French to begin with)

Jun 4/12 from Juris

As a young buck in the 70s/80s I remember a cartoon about cavemen hunting mammoths. It would've been within an hour of doctor who coming on?

No idea on this one

June 11 from Elise

Beautiful site!!
I was just pondering a show from my childhood and stumbled across your site! They showed so many of these shows on the KUED and KBYU channels in Salt Lake City Utah. I had forgotten so many of them until I found your site!
I was glued to those channels considering growing up there were only about 6 other channels if you didnt have cable and I didnt have it till I was 30! I watched all these shows at my Grandmothers house every Friday when I was over there. You might check with these stations to see if they offer any of these shows for purchase I know that they are locally owned and may have a separate library from the ones in Ontario.

A couple of questions, I was enjoying reading all the comments but I was searching for a show name myself and decided that I should just go straight to the source since there is not a search function. I am looking for the name of a show that was a narrated show on fairy tales but there was a lady with white hair and big black glasses who illustrated the story as it progressed. She would draw these scenes of the story on brown paper that was hung on a wall and use chalk to do the drawings with. Im thinking that not all of the stories were chalk illustrated. but some may be animated or such. This may have already been talked about on the archives but I ran out of patience...insert sheepish grin here!

Second question, was Size Small Island a Canadian production?? I really liked watching it when I was little but sometimes the accents would confuse me, references would not make sense to me and I never new what "zed" was. =) Just a curious pondering.

Thanks for your great site. I hope it stays up and that you are able to maintain it. From all of us people who have fond memories of good children's programming, I would like to say: Thank you for all your time and effort!! It makes us smile!

Thanks for the email. I am pretty certain Size Small was produced here in Canada. I am not certain about the drawing show you mention.


June 12 from David

There was a childrens show on CHCH TV during thee 70s in Toronto that featured characters dressed as monsters but in a comical way. I have done internet searches but can never find it. Do you remember the name of this show and if there are archives anywhere.

Only CHCH show I know of is Hilarious House of Frightenstein

June 13 from Emma

I have read every archived post question written... firstly someone sent an email on dec. 15th 2011 asking about the guy crawling through the log... It's Fred Penner's Place... and it was the best.
secondly... and this is a biggie... my coworkers and I (and a few trusted clients) are going CRAZY trying to figure out what this show is...
this is what I can remember:
-poor production quality
-a woman with long blonde hair who plays a harp.
- a pond
-she wore a white and burgundy (?) 70's style dress with a burgundy sash and I think a vest?
-she would sing
-perhaps puppets-- but that one is fuzzy -the show aired VERY early morning -a rainbow? maybe?

I did not like this show as a child.
I found it irritating. I hated her outfit, and really... who plays a harp?? (I apologize if you are a secret harp enthusiast) I was more a romper room/mr dress-up/ Fred Penner gal.

I simply MUST rediscover this show though.
please, please, please help.
I have an unusually large wealth of knowledge pertaining to 80's & 90's children's programming (I have 5 younger brothers) and this is the only one to allude me!
please help!!

thank you SO much, love your site,

I think I would remember a show with a harp - but I don't - hope someone else does

June 18 from Julie

Hey, I saw this on your site:
"May 31/11 from Christopher:
I was just reading all the shows you posted about from TVO a long time ago. I was trying to remember a show I used to watch on it I believe it was in the early 90's. It was about a group of 5 teenagers that snuck aboard a space ship and took off into a black hole. One of the teens had big spiral ears and could hear far away. Another had a friend that was in another realm that only she could see. If you could help me remember the name of this show I would be very happy :) I believe it was called something with oddyssey in it but I am not sure. "
And I know what show that is, it's called Space cases. :)

Thank you

June 18 from Jadee

I remember these shows we would watch weekly in my 3rd grade class I am 34 now so i am thinking 1987 or 1988. It was Aesop Fables. They had real actors not cartoons. I think it was a PBS production. I want to find these so i can let my kids watch them also because that was my favortie part of school! any idea what the name of the show is. I have looked all over the internet and all i can find are cartoons and books but not the ones we watched. any help would be great. thanks,

I do not know

Christine July 8


I have been working for four years on a biography of Thornton W. Burgess, obviously a familiar name to you, and naturally have information about the Fables of the Green Forest. I'm working on the endnotes, lyrics the opening song lyrics (trouble, trouble…)from my own transcription but also references your site. Unclear who to credit - your name? someone else? You mention Des (wrote her in 2010, but not about lyrics)?

References to the website are always welcome!

August 4 from Brian

I stumbled upon your site looking for a kids show I used to watch about two stranded french astronauts in a flying saucer. Not fluent in French I probably would know the title if I saw it. I was wondering if it sounded familiar?

Not to me - hopefully to someone it does

August 29 from Angela

I came across this comment while using Google to search for a lost childhood TV show that I just loved…..

Jan 19/12 from Kristina
I've been trying to remember the name of a PBS show I used to watch as a child in the 70's and 80's. It's about a librarian named Marian who gets taken into outer space and she's forced to tell stories. The one who kidnapped her keeps telling her once she tells a certain number she'll be released, I think.
The beginning of the show shows a spaceship flying through space and then it pans to her reading or ding something.

I hope you can help! This is driving me crazy!

I was hoping to include additional details that I recall in the hopes that someone somewhere knows what this show was called:

As I recall the kidnapper was female and a witchy mother of twins; she kidnapped the librarian to read/tell stories to these twins of hers.
I recall the same beginning as your fan above. I remember them being real people (actors), not puppets or animation. I seem to remember vivid colored costumes and wigs: bright green hair with shiny purple space outfits or vice versa.
Please if you happen to find an answer……been haunted with this question for decades now! Thanks!

I hope someone knows and can put your mind at ease

Sept 25 from Blair

Dec 15/2011 from Michelle
There was this show I used to watch when I was a kid that had this guy that was trying to get to this special place in the forest. He had to cross a river and fallen logs as bridges and I think at one point crawl through a hollow log. When he got to this place his friends (essentially puppet animals) would be there. He had a real life friend come visit once and her mouth got stuck with peanut butter. I cannot remember the name of it and neither can any of my family or friends. Please help.
I believe the show Michelle is asking about is called Fred Penners Place
BTW your site saved me from going insane since I was able to find the show I was trying to remember (Timothy Pilgram)

Jan 6/10 from Tara:(
Hi!! My name is Tara and I am trying desperately to figure out the name of this kids show my little sister watched in the 90's. She was born in 1990 so it was probably mid to late 90s when she watched it. I have no clue what station it was on, I am thinking TVO Kids or YTV. It was not a cartoon and the main character was a girl and she was maybe 12 and had a best friend who was a boy. She may have lived in her grandmother's house. Iknow the house she lived in was full of old looking stuff. I know there was something about themtravelling into another dimension or something and possibly something to do with a large mirror and some sort of bird (maybe a falcon). These are just pieces of information popping into my head. I know it was centered in an old house though. And it is possible that the main characters wrote for a newspaper or something. There was definately something about going into another dimension though. PLEASE HELP ME i can not figure out what this show was!!!!! Thank you so much, lol

I am pretty sure this was Phoenix and the flying carpet

July 23/10 from Jennifer:
Hello, I am trying to figure out the name of the show that had a grandfather clock and once it got to a certain time ( I think midnight) the kids can go out this back door and into this amazing garden and have some adventures and wake up in their beds. I am racking my brain trying to remember this show. I also loved Read All About It.

The show is called toms midnight garden go to 4:37 and you will see the grandfather clock

Anyway sorry to bother you with these emails, what a great site you have and I appreciate the information on it.

Oct 10 from Vito

I want to tell you thank you for all this, I love it!

I can't remember the name of the show, it was with this german or dutch man, The show took place in his house, he had a thick accent. He would explain How wiper blades on old cars worked. I know there is not a lot there,

Again, thank you for the great memories, I think about these shows, And how I miss being little.

Pretty sure this was Guess What with Jan Rubes. Czechoslovakian accent.

Oct 30 from Jelena

I've been trying to remember what this one show is called that I used to watch when I was a kid in the 90s (It might have started in the 80's) and I'll try to be as specific as possible! I'm not sure if it was on TVO, but it was with this painter (I think) and he acted really goofy and there was usually classical music in the background of the show. Maybe it was just one episode that he painted, but I think he also did like puppet shows with his hands and he usually didn't talk (I think he made weird mumbling noises). I think he wore a mime-like outfit and a French beret hat and had a moustache from what I remember. And also if I remember it right, it was a pretty short show as well. If you're able to tell me what this show is called that would be great!


Nov 2 from Mike

Nina (Jan 14/12) asked about a dancing record with wooden spoons. Danielle (July 8/08) had already identified this as Size Small. Youtube has a clip of the dancing record segment:

Thank you!

Nov 27 from Nina

I am the administrator for the Facebook site TODAY'S SPECIAL You can add it to your list.
Nina (akaMuffy)

Jan 10 from Chris

Hi! This is great site. Lots of memories. One person was looking for the name of a show with someone dressed as a record album waving spoons. That show was called, "Size Small Country". I think the lady was called Miss Ann or something like that and there was a puppet called Bucky Beaver. I noticed someone said there were pics on your site. I only see archived messages. Do you have pics of shows as well?

All shows I have footage of, have pictures - enjoy!




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