Trouble! Trouble! The bird would shout as the shows theme is still etched into my mind.

Cartoon show about animals living in you guessed it a Green Forest.










Some info from an e-mail I got:

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As you can tell by my email subject, my most favorite was probably Fables of the Green Forest. I too have come across the startling unavailability of this program! I found one VHS cassette at my local Blockbuster, and recorded the four episodes from it onto my own tape. Sadly, they are so old the quality is not what the TV original was, and because it was sold as a "full-length" feature, they edited and spliced the four episodes together. BUT, at least it wasn't the cruddy altered version YTV aired in the mid to late 90s (music with a calypso theme, terrible voices and altered stories).

In fact, it was actually a much older release labelled "Peter Cottontail and Friends", with a hokey, southern country theme-song. It was packaged in 1979 I believe, not long after the original versio
n of the show (Yama Nezumi Rokky Chyakku--"Rocky Chuck the Mountain Rat") aired in Japan. It's the strangest version of the show (title credits, song and episode edits) that I have ever seen. The unedited content was exactly the same as the TVO airings however.

I have indeed found more episodes in a highly unusual place. Though I too have seen the occasional eBay listings of the original tapes, the tape I found locally led me to seek out other "related" titles and names it might be found under. Sure enough, more recently (eg. the 90s onward) Rhino video repackaged several episodes (almost half the 54 episode series) under 'Peter Cottontail in the Green Forest". These videos are subtitled with various names, including: Autumn Fun, Autumn in the Green Forest, Winter Fun, Winter in the Green Forest, (same for Spring and Summer), and at least one or two others (don't recall the subtitles), each containing up to three eps.

I am not certain which version of the show this will be.
..the southern country-themed Peter Cottontail tales I have, the cruddy YTV re-airing, or the TVO version. I certainly hope it's the latter! While I have yet to find more than one or two vendors who have them in stock (supposedly), I hope to buy one soon and find out what it contains! I will be sure to let everyone know my findings!

The "Green Forest" cartoons were based on a series of books written in the 1910s and 1920s by Thornton W. Burgess. I read several of these in my
youth at my grandmother's house, and had a couple of them passed down to me (though they're in very poor condition now). Editions of the books are
still in print. Alternate sources list some of the books as having been written in the late 1800s.

A Partial Episode Guide provided to me from Des whose website is at

* The Big Boast
* Captive Chatterer
* Paddy Beaver Comes to the Green Forest
* Paddy Builds A Dream House
* Paddy's Dam Saves the Day
* Sammy's Revenge
* Brainy Bluejay
* Sammy Gets Mocked
* Peter Gets Taught A Lesson
* Granny Fox Tricks Peter Rabbit
* Reddy Tries to Trick Peter Rabbit (straw Hat)
* Farmer Tom Hunts Reddy In The Forest
* Mrs. Quack
* The Search for Mr. Quack
* Peter Cottontail Changes His Name
* Mocker the Mockingbird
* Mr. Condor Comes to the Forest
* Mrs. Condor Hatches her eggs
* Bob the Quail
* Tom and Bob The Quail
* Jonny Builds His Home
* Reddy's Gradmother goes away
* Reddy and Bowser
* Huge Tracks in the Forest
* Buster the Bear Comes to the Green Forest
* Spring Comes to the Green Forest
* Johnny Grows Up
* Johnny's Hibernation
"Buster Prepares for Winter"
"Peter Hibernates."
"Johnny's Secret Door"
"Reddy Fox's Big Blunder."
"The Straw Hat Monster"
"Reddy Fox and the Sheep."
"Granny Fox and Reddy"
"Buster the Hero."
"Grandpa Frog Travels"
"Danny's Adventure."
"Danny in the Snow"
"Peach Tree & Peter Cottontail."

The Lyrics to the opening them are as follows (Transcribed by J. de Pinho and C. Opasky): TROUBLE! TROUBLE! TROUBLE!
Jimmy Skunk is getting about,
Buster Bear's persuing trout,
Reddy Fox's radar snout has sniffed out his prey!

In the Green Forest, the green forest,
The laughing brook chuckles all day.

Paddy Beaver's building a dam,
Joe the Otter tells him SCRAM!
Chatterer's upon the land,
Oh what a sight!

In the Green Forest, the Green Forest,
You may see the occasional fight.

Peter Rabbit hippity-hops,
The mean old weasel growls,
Grandpa Froggy flippity-flops,
And Sammy Bluejay scowls.

There are marshes, mink and sable there,
toads on mushroom tables there,
Four and Fifty fables there...
With friendship and strife.

In the Green Forest, the Green Forest
The stories you've read about all come to life,
Yes the stories you've read about ALL... COME... TO... LIFE!

** Thanks to Andrea for filling in the gap!!**

** Dan, however thinks the lyrics are slightly different at the start:

Sammy Blue Jay's getting about,

Chatterer's upon the lam

There are martens, mink and sables there,
toads on mushroom tables there,
four and fifty fables there,
With friendship and strife.



The people who helped make it happen:
Executive Producers: I Holender & M.J. Ruderian
by: Thornton W. Burgess