The Edison Twins typical would air on CBC. It was made by Nelvana Productions and lasted 6 seasons. It aired from 1982 to 1986.

Some images from the show:

The main characters:

Tom Edison - Andrew Sabiston

Anne Edison - Marnie McPhail

Paul Edison - Sunny Besen-Thrasher



1st Season 1983

Code Affair
Phantom in the Auditorium
Rock 'n' Roll Anniversary
Voice from Beyond
Over the Rainbow
The Race
Monster on the Bluffs

2nd Season 1984

Snakes and Ladders
A Penny Saved
Ghosts for Sale - Cheap
Enemy of Weston (gs: Jessica Steen)
Double Trouble
4 Blow Up
Mars to Paul
Boom Boom Edison
Team Rubberknees
Go Fly a Kite
Dark Horse (1)
Alive or Dead (2)
Rescue at Sea (3)

3rd Season Spring 1985

Bases Loaded...One Girl Out
Running on Empty
Let Them Eat Cake
Monkey in the Middle
Everyone a Rembrandt
Darkness at Noon (gs: Winston Rekert)
Home Sweet Home
Robbers and Robots
Mind and Body
My House Is Your House
The Case of the Missing Guitar (1) (gs: Ger Wyn Davies)
The Case of the Odd Job (2)
The Final Mystery (3)

4th Season Fall 1985

The Fix
Water Witch
The Mole People
All That Glitters
Star-Crossed Lovers
Heavy Sweat
What Goes Up
Chips and Choppers
Strictly for the Birds
The Live One
Survival of the Fittest (1)
Gone with the Windigo (2)
The Secret of Windigo Lake (3)

5th Season Spring 1986

One Good Con...
Racer's Edge
Smile for the Camera
Tarantula Blues
The Case of the Friendly Fugitive (1)
Gems and Jelly Beans (2)
The Maharajah of Weston (3)
Video Vengeance
Tinker Tom
Pizza Poltergeist
Invitation to a Mystery
Lance's Luck
One Way Ticket

6th Season Fall 1986

The Mystery of the Maze
The Initiation
Illegal Procedure
The People's Choice
The Revenge of the Plants
The Legacy of Bayfield Downs
Money for Nothing
The Golden Goose Chase
How to Haunt a Haunted House
A Message for Triton
The Continental Twist
Vows from the Deep