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TVOntario Childrens shows of the 1970's Tribute Page

This website is a tribute to the various TV shows I use to watch on TVOntario growing up in the late 70's and early 80's. These TV shows were all about getting some type of educational fact(s) out - be it learning how to read, figuring out how to do a math problem or discovering some historical fact - as opposed to kids programs these days which are all about selling a product. PBS (Public Broadcasting System) in the US would often air these shows as well.

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I have tried to find information about various TV shows I use to watch as a child on TV Ontario, without any fancy entertainment centers, like are so popular today. There is very little information out there on these shows. I am hoping someone will come across my webpage and have information on a show listed here - I will then be able to add it to what limited information I have.

This site is a tribute to TVO, TVOntario, TV Ontario. It is not associated, endorsed nor related to TVO. If you want their site click here:

I claim no ownership to any of the programs spoken about here - this is strictly a fan and information site.



Now onto the shows that have their own pages devoted to them (shows with logos are much more detailed, shows with just text, I have limited information on them - if you have anything to add please e-mail me):

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All About You


The Body Works

Bits and Bytes



Fables of the Green Forest

Guess What? (With Jan Rubes)

Harriet's Magic Hats



Let's All Sing (with Tony Saletan)


Math Patrol

Measure Metric

On the Move


Read All About It


Report Canada (with Heather Conkie)

The Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim

Two Plus You!

Vision On (with Tony Hart)

What If...(starring Billy Van)

World of B.J. Vibes

Write On


AIT Programming PBS Programming (In Other Words, Math Wise, It Figures, Thinkabout, Inside/Out, High Feather, Dragons, Wagons & Wax)

Other Classic Canadian Children's shows (Edison Twins, Just Like Mom, Camp Cariboo, YTV's Rec Room)


Website last Updated on January 2, 2012 - Added program The Academy (with Jack Livesley and Jim Butterfield) (See Bits and Bytes)

FEEDBACK - last updated February7, 2013

Partial TV SCHEDULES of TVO February 1977 November 1979 June 1980

Full TV SCHEDULES of TVO Sept 1971 Sept 1974 Dec 1975 Nov 1980 July 1981 Sept 1981 June 1984 August 1984 March 1986 Feb 1990 Apr 1993 March 1994

Facebook groups: I was raised on TVOntario, Bring back the TVO stuff from the 80's, Missing TVO



Here are some related links you might find useful:

TVO Ontario Home page (The great network that brought you all these fine programs)

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If you care to e-mail me to talk about your memories or provide some information on the show - click here

A big thank you goes to Curtis Dunat who provided me with the majority of the Video used to make this site. With the video I was able to video capture enough stuff to make this site what it is - thank you Curtis!

This is what I currently have in my TVO Library:on video VHS DVD videos
Math Patrol - two episodes
Mathmakers - one episode
Adventures of Timothy Pilgrim - all ten episodes - COMPLETE
Read All About It - Series One - all twenty episodes - COMPLETE
Read All About It - Series Two - all twenty episodes - COMPLETE
Write On - five episodes
Eureka! - 30 episodes - COMPLETE
Jeremy - 8 episodes
Readalong - 30 episodes
Today's Special - 5 episodes
Join In - 2 episodes
Here's How - 6 episodes
It Figures - 28 episodes - COMPLETE
Simon in the Land of Chalk Drawings - 5 episodes
Parlez-Moi - 1 episode
The Body Works - 6 episodes
Music Box - 1 episode
Artscape - 1 episode
Calling All Saftey Scouts - 1 episode
We Live Next Door - 1 episode
It's Your World - 1 episode
In Other Words - 12 episodes - COMPLETE
Math Wise - 12 episodes - COMPLETE
Barbapapa - 3 episodes
Bits and Bytes - all 12 episodes - COMPLETE
All About You - 3 episodes
Dragons, Wagons & Wax - 32 episodes - COMPLETE
Up Close & Natural - 2 episode
Write Channel - 1 episode
Stories of America - 3 episodes
Using Maps, Globes - 1 episode
Well, Well, Well - 1 episode
Vegetable Soup - 1 episode
High Feather - 10 episodes - COMPLETE
Big Blue Marble - 2 episodes
Telltales - 1 episode
Solve It - 2 episodes
Letter People - 1 episode
Ghostwriter - 16 complete stories
Dr. Snuggles
Self Incorporated - COMPLETE
Inside/Out - 30 episodes - COMPLETE
The Academy - 9 episodes


Classic TVO Childrens Show fan number:

It's interesting to note that before TVO actually became known as "TVOntario" in late '75, all programs before that
produced specifically for that channel ended their credits with "The Ontario Educational Communications Authority" OECA
and he year of production at the bottom of the screen. Later, all shows under "TV Ontario" ended with the
credits we later came to know so well that practiaclly covered the screen!

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