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In 1973 CBC decided to enter the copshow world with The Collaborators. In the first season they aired 8 episodes. The program starred Michael Kane as Det. Sgt. Jim Brewer,
Donald Pilon as Det. Sgt. Richard Tremblay, Paul Harding as Dr. Charles Erickson and Toby Tarnow as Liz Roman, Dr. Erickson's assisant. Also on the show were Lawrence Benedict as Detective David Quinn and Leslie Carlson as Detective George Kaminski.

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For its crime-related series, CBC drama has continually tried to find an angle in the professions of its investigators. "The Collaborators"
were the forensic scientists who worked with the police. Richard Gilbert created this program, in which Michael Kane played the gruff and
instinctive Detective Sergeant Jim Brewer, and Paul Harding and Toby Tarnow played the scientists, Dr. Charles Erickson and his assistant
Liz Roman. The program attempted to deal with the investigative process in an egalitarian way, from the scene of the crime to the police station
to the lab. However, the producers and viewers soon found that there was more drama in fires in the streets than in bunsen burners.
Paul Harding left the series after the first season of ten one-hour shows, and noted that Kane had dominated the show as the principal crime solver.

Kane himself appeared in only three episodes in the second season, and left the show because of health reasons. His replacement, Quebec actor
Donald Pilon, played Detective Sergeant Richard Tremblay, a police officer of a different personality. Brewer, with his rugged looks, seemed more
harassed and emotional, well within the accepted type of the television cop or detective, while Tremblay was relaxed, even stoic, and rational.
Supporting actors included Lawrence Benedict as Detective Quinn and Leslie Carlson as Detective Kaminski.

Executive producers Richard Gilbert (l974) and Brian Walker (l975) drew on many of English Canada's distinguished writers and directors
for the show. Directors included Peter Carter, Rene Bonniere ("All The King's Men," "A Touch of Madness"), Don Haldane ("Beyond All
Reasonable Doubt"), Graham Parker. Allan King, Don Shebib ("Deedee," "Once Upon A Time In Genarro"), and Stan Olson. Grahame Woods,
George Robertson, Lyal Brown, Tony Sheer, Claude Harz, and Carol Bolt, among others, wrote for the show.
ong others, wrote for the show.

Here are some show screen caps:

(The main actors)

Images from an episode:


The Collaborators aired at the following times:

Season 1:
Sun 9:00-10:00 p.m., 16 Dec 1973-17 Feb 1974 (Original Run)
Fri 10:00-11:00 p.m., 26 Apr-28 Jun 1974 (Re-run)
Season 2:
Sun 9:00-10:00 p.m., 29 Sep-1 Dec 1974 (Original Run)
Sat 9:00-10:00 p.m., 23 Aug-30 Aug 1975 (Re-run)

Here is an parital episode guide:


The story of this debut series involves the killing of a police officer, interwoven with the murder of an illegal Portuguese
immigrant. Brewer and Erickson clash as the police press for results from the forensic lab. From seemingly impossible dead
ends, Erickson and Liz Roman make the breakthrough that enables Brewer to trap the killer.

A group of men arrive in town to plan a jewelry store robbery. After the successful robbery, the plan starts to disintegrate,
resulting in the murder of two of the thiefs. Brewer carries out the investigation and with the help of the forensic lab group
solves the crime.

A country western singing star is discovered dead in a car crash. Brewer interviews his widow and finds that all is not well with
the marriage and that the man lived with his mistress. Erickson performs the autopsy and his findings set in motion a series of inquiries.

Dr. Erikson and Detective Brewer are called in to investigate a skeleton discovered at a construction site that turns out to be
that of a male, killed 50 years previously. The story looks at the events leading up to the murder. A subpolt is also developed
(which becomes the basis of the next episode), one of the victims of a plane crash is discovered to have traces of poison in his body.

A sequel to "All My Love, Jennie". This episode deals with intrigue in the business world. In tracking down the suspected
murder of Grant Adams, who died in a plane crash, Detective Brewer becomes involved with Adam's scheming wife and his business
associates. During this episode, a sub plot develops which becomes the basis for the following episode.

A boy stands accused of murdering a young girl in a small town. When the defense refutes the pathologists findings,
Erikson and Liz find themselves in the witness box.

Brewer and Erickson becomes involved with Voodooism when they search for a missing woman in the West Indian community. The
combination of police work and scientific methods bring the story to its conclusion.

Episode 1.08 (episode title not known)
Brewer and Erickson become involved in an adventure which includes a shoot-out at a hotel, a mysterious execution in the woods and
a bomb explosion. The plot becomes more complex when a visiting scientific salesman and a young woman enter the mystery.

A model is kidnapped for ransom just after she has signs an exclusive contract. Brewer and Erickson investigate the crime;
the action builds to a shoot-out and a tear gas attack at a farmhouse in the country.

In the last episode of season one, Brewer is called in to investigate a murder in an auto wrecking yard. He is faced with
a self-confessed murderer whose confession is not credible. Brewer attempts to reconstruct the crime, but forcing the guilty party to
expose himself. This creates problems for both the police and the forensic lab.


In the season two debut of the series a bank robbery masterminded by a dangerous psycopath involves Brewer in a harzadous situation,
with the lives of hostages at stake. Brewer arranges to trade himself for some of the hostages, and finds himself being escorted
out of town in a truck full of explosives.

Eddie MacAlvenny, an ex-convict, becomes involved with a Montreal crime syndicate. His efforts in a safe-cracking inceident lead to
a murder; the program ends with a chase through the streets of Toronto.

Brewer finds a man lying unconscious in a ditch and the frozen body of his wife nearby when he is called to the scene of a
traffic accident. Later, he establishes a friendly relationship with the man and discovers that the "accident" is more complicated
than it first appeared.

An ex-police officer, who was fired for drinking, and his friends do private detective work for shady agency. They plan a robbery
and sell the idea to crime syndicate, but when they try to execute it, everything starts to go wrong.

The unsuccessful suicide attempt of a pregnant girl leads Tremblay, the new Detective-Sergeant for the series, to the
10 year-old case of the girl's missing mother.

Tremblay investigates two rival gangs when a police officer is killed by one of them. He discovers that the Dark Children is
run by a psychotic Nazi sympathizer when Liz, whom he has planted in the gang, becomes involved in a monstous death plan.

Tremblay's liking for Italian food places him in the vicinity of a fatal explosion which the forensic lab proves to be an act of
murder. the investigation, in Toronto's "Little Italy", uncovers sone unworthy actions on the part of people whom Tremblay had
previously respected and reveals that a vendetta is in progress.

Tremblay's investigation into a double murder reveals the presence of blackmail and prostitution as well.

Sergeant Tremblay investigates the case of Jackie, a drug addict and prostitute, who is in the hospital following a severe beating.

UNDERCOVER (final episode)
With double-cross after double-cross, Tremblay gets first hand knowledge of what it means to be outside the law.


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Sidestreet was a police drama that aired on CBC from September 1975 until the Summer of 1978

The first season had Sean McCann (Inspector Alec Woodward) and Stephen Markle (Sergeant Johnny Dias) as the two man leads. IN an effort to give the show less-gruff and more likeable cops, they were replaced by Donnelly Rhodes (Nick Raitt) and Jonathan Welsh (Glenn Olsen). John Swindells (Inspector Ted Bowman) appeared during the series entire run.

Sidestreet succeeded the CBC program "The Collaborators" as their main series drama. Program developers John Saxton and Geoffrey Gilbert aimed to move Sidestreet away from the violence of the typical police show with protagonists who were community service officers instead of ordinary detectives. No attempt was made to hide the fact that the show took place in Toronto. Naturally there was even one episode that dramatically concluded at the newly opened CN Tower. Episodes dealt infrequently with murder (as per the typical crime TV show), but more with other types of crimes - issues such as blockbusting, strikebreaking, rape, poverty, and the problems of the elderly in the city.

The first season of eight episodes were gritty, hard-edged dramas in the Wojeck mold, with McCann and Markle convincing as the protagonists who often supported the story. In the second season the show tried for a more American look, bringing in the prettier but less effective Rhodes and Welsh as replacements and trying to focus more on the leads as stars...some feel that the show lost its edge and that the seams began to show and that it never managed to be slick enough to make up for it.

Writers included Tony Sheer, Grahame Woods and Ty Haller. David Helwig was the story editor. Directors included Richard Gilbert, Don Haldane, Gerald Mayer, John Wright and Denis Hroux. The producer of the first two programs was G. Chalmers Adams, who was followed by Brian Walker. The executive producers were John T. Ross and, later on, Stanley Colbert.

Sidestreet aired at the following times:

September 14, 1975 to November 9, 1975 Sundays from 9 to 10 (8 episodes)
April 10, 1976 to June 5, 1976 Saturdays from 10 to 11 (These were repeats)
October 3, 1976 to November 21, 1976 Sundays from 9 to 10 (8 episodes)
October 9, 1977 to December 18, 1977 Sundays from 9 to 10 (11 episodes)
September 24, 1978 to November 12, 1978 Sundays from 9 to 10 (8 episodes)
September 13, 1979 to November 1, 1979 Thursdays from 11:45 to 12:45 (These were repeats)

Here are some screencaps from the episode 18 Hours to Kill:


35 Episodes in all. Here is a partial episode listing (in no particular order):

WIFE BEATER guest starring Nick Mancuso as Mr. West

RAPE guest starring Nick Mancuso as Bob Williams

ONCE A HERO guest starring Al Waxman and Geraint Wyn Davies as Gary (credited as Gary Davies)

Unknown episode guest starring Christopher Maher

Unknown Episode guest starring Don Francks as Don Shebib



THE HOLDOUT - A widow is terrorized by a developer for refusing to sell her property

THE REBELLION OF BERTHA MacKENZIE - A conflict begins when a women's welfare cheque is stopped because she has a man living with her.

RIGHT TO DEFEND - A man shots a teenager attempting to rob his house

BETWEEN FRIENDS - A cop faces old loyaities when his friend, a criminal on the run, returns for a visit

EIGHTEEN HOURS TO KILL (air date October 10, 1977)
Synopsis: When the Canada Post mail box is blown up, the duo track down the culprit as a long time Quebec Separtist looking to avenge years of oppresion. The CN Tower factors in considerably in this episode

WITH THIS RING starring Barry Morse

STAKEOUT Cast: Donnelly Rhodes, Jonathan Welsh, John Swindells, Antony Parr, Gay Rowan, Tom Hauff, and John Evans.
Guest Star: Leslie Nielsen
An over-zealous Emergency Task Force Leader (Leslie Nielsen) is sent in to back-up Raitt and Olsen during a tension filled hostage taking
incident during which the hostage and her captor develope a warm relationship.

A CASE IN POINT Cast: Donnelly Rhodes, Jonathan Welsh, John Swindells, Antony Parr, Robin Ward, Philip Craig, and Charmion King.
Guest Star:Jack Duffy
In this episode, comedian Jack Duffy makes his dramatic debut as a hired killer who mistakenly assassinates a community lawyer and leads Raitt
and Olsen to a series of fraudulent transactions in upper-crust society.

JUST ANOTHER DAY Cast: Donnelly Rhodes, Jonathan Welsh, Maury Chaykin, John Swindells, Hugh Webster, Dave Hughes and Trudy Weiss.
In this episode, an ordinary day for Sgts. Nick Raitt and Glenn Olsen turns into one of fear and confusion when with dynamite
strapped to his body, a crazed man named Ferris holds a terrorizedInspector Bowen at gunpoint. He demands that Raitt and Olsen
bring his estranged wife to the police station. Fearing he wants to kill her, Raitt and Olsen find someone to inpersonate his frightened wife.

HOLIDAY WITH HOMICIDE Cast: Donnelly Rhodes, Jonathan Welsh, John Swindells and Antony Parr.
In this episode, to prevent an unwanted horse from being destroyed, Sgts. Raitt and Olsen claim, and enter him in Quarter Horse Competition.
At the Quarter Horse Show, Raitt and Olsen run up against a con artist and a pretty young woman who has double-crossed. Filmed on location at
Quarterama '78 will reflect the fun and excitement of Quarter Horse Competition.

BIG BROTHER Cast: Donnelly Rhodes, Jonathan Welsh, and John Swindells.
In this episode, Saul Rubinek is the special guest star. He portays Frank, who is forced into hiding from a loan shark enforcer until
he can raise the cash he owes. His hiding place is discovered and with no indication that the money will be forecoming, Frank
is forced to accept the enforcers job offer - transporting drugs across Canadian - US border. Meanwhile, Frank's young brother is
living with Raitt.

LES GENDARMES Cast: Donnelly Rhodes, Jonathan Welsh, Jacques Thisdale, Gilles Savard and Ron Ulrich.
In this episode, Raitt and Olsen assist Andre Bergeron and MarcRoy, two Montreal police officers, track a courier for a well know crime
syndicate. The courier, Bill Godfrey is also being hunted by a syndicate hit man because he knows too much about the organization's
operations. Roy is shot and killed, and his partner Bergeron, the only witness, accuses Godfrey. Raitt becomes suspicious when he
hears conflicting stories of the events that lead to Roy's death.

SCORPIO RISING Cast: Donnelly Rhodes, Jonathan Welsh, Sean Sullivan, and Ron Harman.
In this episode, the German head of a multinational corporation comes to visit the head of a Canadian multinational corporation to discuss
financial matters. However, the primary reason for his visit is to discuss Project Scorpio, a world-wide security force for wealthy
businesspeople. Posing as a private body guard, Olsen infultrates the Canadian corporation.

THE MONEYLENDERS Cast: Donnelly Rhodes, Jonathan Welsh, Susan Hogan, David Eisner, Jeannie Elias and Lisa Langlois.
In this episode, a ruthless loan shark preys on teenagers at a big city high school. When they are unable to repay their loans with high interest,
he forces the girls into prostitution and turns enforcers loose on the boys. When a boy is beaten to death, Raitt and Olsen work with a woman
undercover cop to find the killer.

REVENGE Regular cast: Donnelly Rhodes, Jonathan Welsh, John Swindells and Antony Parr.
Guest cast: Nicholas Cortland, Nicholas Campbell, Linda Mason-Greene, Dorothy Poste, Henry Beckman, David Bolt, and Judy Lee-Johnson.
Synopsis: In this episode, a convict is released from prison.

Cast: Donnelly Rhodes, Jonathan Welsh, John Swindells, Antony Parr and Pia Shandell.
In this episode, narcotics trafficking on the West Coast, Glenn Olsen is forced to go undercover to trace a drug shipment that is contaminated
with a deadly disease. Filmed on location in Vancouver.

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