Whitey was Frank and Kevin's connection to the underground world. Whitey had to play the part of psudeo-criminal and kept this cover going by selling all sorts of junk at various locales in the city. Whitey's products were often hot, often fake, often bargain basement prices - but were always junk. Here is a list of the various items he sold:

What Whitey is Selling
Which Episode
Additional Info
Hats 1 The first ever appearance of Whitey sees him selling hats. Starw, cowboy type hats - which Frank takes a liking too. Frank buys one and even wears it later on in the show. Whitey is chased by Frank and Kevin, before he speaks to them.
Battery Operated Toys 2 Whitey is wearing a bandana with a red sun on it - like the Japanese flag.
Feeds Pigeons 4 Meets up with Frank and Kevin in the park and is feeding pigeons.
Polaroid pictures on a button 6 Takes a picture of a women about to get murdered. Carson offers him money to shut up.
Porn Videos 9 Kevin and Jefferson actually visit him
Opera Tickets 10 Whitey unable to sell these, forces them on his cousin - ripping off his pocket in process. He tries to sell them to Frank saying "One guy loses his pants"
The "Vegitron" Food Slicer 11 You'd expect to pay $1000 for something like this, that does only half the job
Plays the violin, and card tricks. 15 After being interrupted by Frank while playing the violin, Whitey snatches the money from an admiring elderly womans hands
Character Portraits 17 The price flucuated here. From $4.00 to $20.00, and even free "nude" for an attractive young lady. Funny interchange; Whitey: "It's double for Frank though." Frank: "Why's that?" Whitey: "On the account your so ugly."
Radios 21 Sold for $9.95 with AM, FM and....PM?
Sunglasses 22 Frank buys a pair, Kevin tries on some awful ones
Battery Operated Yapping Dog Toys 22 Two different items in one episode!
Photographs w/life-sized celebrities 24 Ronald Reagan, Brian Mulroney or Princess Di life sized pictures were available - however, the celebrity photos were in Black and White, yet the Polaroids were in colour
Rubber Hands, with motorized rotating fingers 27 Whitey gets arrested, handcuffed and released in a matter of seconds - this scene could have been edited out.
Police Scanners 28  
Genuine Calf Skin Gloves 29 Frank offers $5 for a pair
Hound Dog/Hen Toys 30 The Dog sticks out it's tongue, the Hen lays eggs
Snowshows 32 Whitey, selling these on a skating rink (not sure why), gets knocked into by a passing skater and he yells at her "What the hell is wrong with you, are you on acid?"
Nothing 34 No questions him as to why he is just hanging out on the street, not selling anything!
Soup Kitchen (makes money on side) 36 Helps out in Soup Kitchen dishing out food, but gets $ on side
Red Sports Car 40 Only $500, Frank wants it
Freeze Dried Food 41 Leaves it unattended to follow a girl
Survival Umbrellas 43 Straps directly to your head
Visiting Porn Theatre 46  
Lingerie 48 Private in-house showing
Inventory 52 Whitey is taking inventory in his home, has just received a new shipment of VCRs
Cat Food 61 15 cents a tin
Rubber Hands w/ nasty motorized rotating finger 62 Frank found these rude, he remarks :That's Disgusting!"
Book Covers for Magazines 63 Hide the fact you are looking at porn from your wife
Cigars from Havana 64 Havana Detroit that is - nothing ever mentioned about Cuba
Masterpiece Paintings 65 $39.95 gets you a Latrac Painting
Gold Jewellery 66 Ancient Aztec Gold
Watches 67 From Switzerland
Love Secrets Book 69 Whitey is wearing glasses
Choco-Dogs 84 These are chocolate covered Hot Dogs
Sunglasses 88 Whitey has very big hair in this episode
Workout tapes from Sweden 89  
Halloween Masks 90 They are selling for $2.95
Ancient Pendants that warrent off bad luck 91 $5? $2....
Porn Videos 92 Whitey is selling porn outside a porno theater with the movie entitled "Revenge of the Nudes." It is obvious that the word Nudes has been changed from......uh....I dunno....Nerds? The following exchange takes place between Frank and Whitey: Giambone picks up a tape"10 1/2 weeks?" Whitey: "Yeah it's everything 9 1/2 weeks should have been...and more."
Stuffed Animals 93 $10 to $5 to $2
Cell Phones 94 $9.95 was the selling price