Part of the appeal of Night Heat was seeing which places from Toronto you could recognize during any given episode. The quest here is to try and make note of as many locations as possible - be it big or small. Here is the list thus far:

What is it

What was it used

for in the show

Address/Intersection Episode What is it today
Formally Victoria Hospital for Sick Children, the first in North America, it was basically a vacant building that CTV rented. Mid-South Precinct 67 College Street All Vacant until 1991 it is now Head office of the Canadian Red Cross Divisional Blood Centre. The Building we built in 1892 and is therefore protected as a historical building, therefore it will be around for a long time.
Bloor St E, just west of the DVP Bridge - looking westward Part of the beginning of the show

Probably around 200 Bloor St E.

TD Bank use to have a clock/temperature guage at the top of the building at the NE corner of Bloor and Church

All - last bit of footage from show beginning The clock no longer is there - but the buildings themselves are there
A small distinct street which was nicknamed, "the pocket" The Neighborhood called "the Pocket" Bright St. on Queen St. East. 66. Tell Me a Story A very distinct and interesting street which is still there and very little has changed!
By the neon sign the backdrop was a hotel. Building, and the backdrop, where David Carridine's character wants Frank to shoot him by hanging a guy off the roof at the end of the episode. 478 Queen Street E. The backdrop building is 496 Queen St. East. 66. Tell Me a Story A office building called Dominion Square
Possibly a vacant building. The studio for David Carridine's character in "The Pocket" neighborhood. 456 King Street E. 66. Tell Me a Story Riverside Missionary Church
A bookstore The bookstore that was trashed in "The Pocket" Neighborhood. 43 Bright Street OR 438 Queen Street East. (Can't Decide) 66. Tell Me a Story 43 BS is now "ISIS Corporate Interiors" and 438 QS is now "OAZ."
Coles Bookstore Background Footage while leaving a restuarant On Yonge Street near Wellsley 85. Bless me Father Shoppers Drug Mart
House of Lords - 12 bucks for the guys, 18 for the girls A trendy punk hair salon 639 Yonge Street 28. Payday House of Lords - with higher prices.
A small Italian cafe A cafe where Frank Giambone hung out with a fellow police officer. Located in Little Italy at the S.W. corner on College St. and Clinton St. 93. The Wrong Woman Believe it or not, the cafe is still there. A little more run down, but it is basically still the same.
A grocery store probably A grocery store owner gets pushed around by some neighborhood punks 561 Danforth Ave. (Mr. Greek across the street)   It's now a Swiss Chalet Express. Mr. Greek is still there, but with a new sign.
Varsity Stadium and Mr. Sub Background footage Bloor St W. and Bedford 5. Deadline Still Varsity Stadium (but tenatively being torn down) and Mr. Sub (slightly renovated though)
Elgin Theatre (Cats) Driving down the street - drive by.   31. The Passenger Still there as far as I know, not sure what is now playing there now.
Hard Rock Cafe Background view 283 Yonge St, south of Dundas 37. Trapped Still there - but lots of construction going on around it.
Casa Loma Home of wealthy but creepy elderly siblings. 1 Austin Terrace. Spadina Ave. and Davenport St. 83. Set for Life Once the estate of Sir Henry Pellatt, a prominant Toronto financier and industrialist it is now a fairly famous tourist attracton.
Park Plaza Location of a press conference - Actress gets into her waiting limo at the car drop-off area NW corner of Avenue Rd and Bloor 21. Secrets & 14. Park Hyatt
Yorkdale Mall Parking Lot Location of first confrontation between a women who claims another women has her baby Yorkdale Mall 57. And Baby Makes Grief Still the same
Sun Wah Theatre (Chinatown) Location where exchange of cash for film negatives is to take place Somewhere in Chinatown 53. Beauty is as Beauty Does Not sure.
City Hall Mayors office and where the Mayoral candidate was shot at the climax of the episode Corner of Queen and Bay 73. Silk Old City Hall
CN Tower The climax of the episode.   6. The Stranger Still there, but has the SkyDome beside it.
Sutton Place hotel The hotel where a man plunges to his death. Bay and Wellsley 39. Wages of Sin Still there and still cha-ching
Bay and Sherbourne Subway Stations The subway where the exchange of drugs/$$$ takes place   15. The Quest Still the same. Only difference is the doors close with chimes, in the episode a whistle blower closed the doors
Looks like a condo The residence of a mother and daughter 40 Elm St 69. The Cost of Doing Business Probably still a condo
St. Michael's Hockey Arena The venue that is hosting the city hockey championships. 1515 Bathurst St. (St. Clair and Bathurst) 51. Play the Game Still the same - but St. Mikes now plays Junior A hockey.
A flashing red ball - that allows people to get get someone to carry their luggage The loaction where they tried to setup the criminal. Union station - across the way from where the Harvey's is 95. Elaine Still the place to get a red cap luggage carrying guy
Hard Rock Cafe, Licks and an apartment building. Building where a young model commits suicide 283 Yonge St, south of Dundas 90. Jumper Hard Rock is still there however 'Licks' is not.
Albert's Hall Albert's Hall - Location of a Jazz concert. 481 Bloor Street W. 88. Archie's Riff Brunswick House (Ye Olde) - By far the oldest beer and party house in Toronto for generations of University students.
Union Station Train station where they capture the bad guy 65 Front St. W 24. Fire and Ice Still the same
An Arch Whitey sells police scanners under an arch Between 415 & 423 Yonge Street (east Side) at Yonge/Gerrard 28. Payday Still the same
Don Jail Lt. Hogan and O'Brien pay a visit to an old nemesis in prison. Don Jail Roadway at Broadview Ave and Gerrard 28. Payday Still Don Jail but will soon be part of Riverdale Hospital. Lt. Hogan and O'Brien exit a door on the S.W. Corner of the building.
Ryerson Public skating rink Whitey sells snowshoes on an ice rink and gets hit by a skater. Ryerson University 350 Victoria Street 32. Every Picture Tells a Story Still the same - Considered artwork symbolising southern Ontario it is basicaly a water fountain with large rocks
Not sure but possibly a bar. The bar where the suspects hang out 7 Dundas Square. At the back of Hard Rock Cafe on Yonge St.. 38. Pride and Prejudice Been there recently but it doesn't seem to be anything in particular. Just a door really
Possibly a club Location of the office of a Immigration officer Corner of Queen and Cameron Street 47. Masquerade There is another mural on the wall and the club is now a strip club
Bus Station Greyhound Bus Station 610 Bay St. (Bay and Dundas) 11. Songbird Still same old dumpy Bus Depot
Horseshoe Tavern Place where Danny, Frank and Kevin try to get the dirt on a suspect. 368 Queen St W 43. Fighting Back Still the same and a great venue to see up-and-coming bands
Parkette Place to pick up prostitutes Corner of Dundas St E and Victoria (just east of Yonge St.) 12. Jane the Ripper Part of the Ryerson Community Park
Cinema 2000 Cheap Porn Bar Yonge Street just north of Dundas 14. Dead to Rights Not sure
Gooderham Distillers Seen in bckground during climax Off the Gardiner Expressway 15. The Quest Still there
Jerrett Funeral Home Scene outfront of it Not sure which location - looked to be downtown 17. The Game Not sure
Sheraton Hotel Location were documents and $$ were excahnged Queen St W 57. And Baby Makes Grief Still there
Jerry's Famous Pizza (really San-Fran Pizza) Front for Cocaine Operation Maybe Yonge St 72.Vengeance Not sure
Underground Garage Car is stolen Queen & Bay 35 Still there (City Hall)
Pearson Int'l Airport Meeting point for two of the people Close to Mississauga 42 Still the airport