What would a good TV show be without mistakes, bad editing, bloopers, continuity flaws and so forth. Sharp eyed viewers can often spot these after viewing the same episode for the third of fourth time - here is what we've come up with so far:

2. The Witness Kevin never gets out of the car, he at first is driving Tommy, drops him off, then picks up Toland - The car license plates is at first FYR-159 but later while still in the car it changes to FSB-546
11. Songbird Continuity Flaw: It is night time and an exchange of cash for goods is set up to occur in about 2 hours, Kevin wakes up Nicole (it is now daytime) and gives her fresh coffee and donuts, the next scene then sees the exchange taking place
11. Songbird One women is able to tie up and duct tape three men all by herself (it doesn't show how she does this)
13. The Source Colby goes to watch sports on TV and discovers that basketball, football, hockey and baseball are all airing. Prior to the advent of satellite TV and so forth - the four sports never overlap. The closest would be in mid-October when hockey and football are on, baseball is in the playoffs and basketball pre-season is just starting
14. Dead to Rights While following a suspects car - the car goes from 112th street to Webster and then to 12th street in a matter of seconds
16. Poison Tom saw a murder take place. He spends hours watching the same short video over and over again. Finally he spots the killer and he is clearly seen on the video.
20. Snow White Continuity flaw: Franks drives a mother and daughter home. When he leaves their apartment, Kevin is waiting for him out front with the car.
25. The Hero Some guy tells how intellectual he is, by reading all the history books and things on his bookshelf. Meanwhile, a book by Disney is clearly visible.
33. The clock in the interrogation room, the second hand moves inconsistantly
40. A sketch artist draws the person who tried to take out Jefferson. Incredibly the sketching makes it to the front page of The Eagle the same night. Sure there are late editions of papers, but it's just not possible the way they did this
42. Bad Timing PET Computer screens keep changing behind Tom Kirkwood, even though he isn't touching anything
55. Freedom Dead At the medical clinic, Frank and Kevin are shown entering. They enter and office and a pursuit of a man takes places. Kevin runs down three flights of stairs in hopes of catching him. The duo never went up any stairs to begin with!
61. Simon Says Frank and Kevin are talking to a guy on the
street and a car drives down (Yonge St infact) and is honking non-
stop. Kevin looks over and does a little yeah-yeah comment.
69. The Cost of Doing Business Kevin gets a very accurate description of the accused from a witness - so much so that he has to go to a second page in his notepad. Later on he reads back the information to this now non-cooperating witness and he reads everything back but only reads it from the single page.
75. Ain't no cure for love Kevin and Frank are in back of a cab, if you look at the rear window - it is fogged up, then it is defogged and then it goes back to being fogged up. I am guessing they shot this scene at least twice, the close up on Kevin was done during the second shooting and by that time the window had been defogged.
82. The Priveldge of Freedom Walking up a street, Rajeed is passed by a pedestrian (wearing a red turban, black leather jacket, with his hands in his pockets) on the street. Minutes later, as Rajeed leaves a store, the same extra passes by in the opposite direction. Perhaps he forgot something?
87. Flase Witness It is indicated that Nicoles is located at 8th and King, yet in episode 3, it is located at Bloom and Allen
95. Elaine Kevins parking ability. He parks infront of the building, the wheels hit and go up the curb and then he parks with the wheels pointing outwards
95. Elaine Kevins driving ability. As soon as he gets onto the highway on ramp, he signals to merge and then the signaling stops. The highway merge still doesn't happen for another 15 seconds.
Uncertain (32 & 55?) The same scene in two episodes of where Frank and Kevin walk up the stairs in the prison. They used the same shot but overdubbed two different conversations.
Uncertain (32 & 55) Whitey and the rubber hands with the rotateing fingers where Frank shows his conservative side and says, "That's disgusting!" Well, they sliced up that scene and put it in 2, perhaps 3, episodes. Frank and Kevin's clothes suddenly change for this scene.