Jeff Wincott Homepage
Good bio and find out how to get your very own personalized Jeff Wincott autographed picture!! (New club) (Old Club)



A Night Heat Manifesto
A must read for any Night Heat Fan! An ode and plea from a fellow fan going through the ooh so familiar Night Heat withdrawls.


Another Night Heat Episode Guide
Complete list of all episode names. Most episodes have reviews, some different writeups compared to mine.


Night Heat Info
A brief, yet colorful rundown of Night Heat with a few interesting bits of information


The Great Canadian Guide to the Movies & TV - Night Heat
A few interesting tid-bits on the show. Not much I admit, but something! Scroll down to "Night Heat"


The IMBd Website: Night Heat
You have probably already been here, but if not, there is a good amount of info.


Welcome to Springfield North
Nice commentary on the city of Toronto


Jeff Wincott FanSite
A photo gallery of Actor/Martial Arts Star Jeff Wincott, who played Frank Giambone on the TV series "Night Heat".


Night Heats' Urban Legend
The tail of how clean Toronto is and how it came to be a true legend of our time.


Stevie Vallance Homepage


Stevie Louise Vallance Fan Page
Some nice pictures here


Eugene Clark Homepage