June 8/2002 from Donna:

So, proving there is a fan site in cyberspace for just about everything, I
was delighted to see one for "Night Heat," a truly under-appreciated
show. I still miss it, in fact. I was really offended that CBS never
gave it a fair shot-- it actually got some decent numbers as a summer
replacement, and no it wasn't just a poor knock-off of Hill Street
Blues. I thought the acting and the chemistry of the cast were both
excellent, as were the story lines; I often wonder what happened to the
cast-members. Was there ever a reunion TV show, the way they have done
one for "LA Law" and several other late 80s and early 90s series? Thanks
for bringing back some good memories for me!

(A reunion show would be the best!)


June 25/2002 from Marie:

I loved that show and just found your site. It was lots of fun reading
the episode guide. You really packed your pages full of interesting info,
it was a pleaure reading through it. I have no idea if this email address
is still valid for you, just hope you receive this! Another thing I
really loved about Night Heat was the theme song at the begining. I am
wondering if you have any idea where I could locate a wav file (or any
type of file) of that theme? I haven't heard it since the show ended here
in the U.S. and I'd love to hear it if I could. Thanks again for such a
nice page!


July 29/2002 from Catherine

Hey, I'm a filmmaker who still watches this Tv show in the US. I would love to see a film made from this show.....or at least produce a movie that is based on the original.
What are your thoughts?

(A fantastic idea. I would love to see an update version of the show - be it a reunion or with a whole new lot of actors. I think if done right, it would be very successful!)


August 21/2002 from Michael

I was wondering if you have any images of the badges the cops used on Night Heat. I also wanted to know if you had any pics of the Police Department logo from the show. Do you have any of these? If so, could you send me a copy of them? I'd appreciate it. I love your site. I've been looking for a Night Heat site for a long time. I loved the show!!!

I miss Night Heat, and would love to have made a site about it, but my talents don't lie in that area. I'm a writer, and toyed with the idea of doing a spec script for Night Heat back in the day. I'm glad you made the site, and I appreciate anything you can send me. By the way, are you located in Toronto? If so, you're lucky to be in the filming area of Night Heat.

(I was able to dig up some badge pictures, but tracking the department logo proves to be a bit harder of a task)


September 16/2002 from Tim

Great site on Night Heat. You're very thorough, and that completeness is helpful in my current quest. I'm doing a presentation on gay-bashing and was wondering where/how I could get a copy of episode 38 of Night Heat (the one about the attack on the gay man). Any leads would be appreciated. Would prefer DVD but would take VHS.


Septmeber 30/2002 from Teri

Say, Canadian, Can you buy Night Heat on tape anywhere? Here in the States, you can buy any crappy show on video, but I'm not having any lucky finding Night Heat. I love your web site. Thanks for any info you can give me!

(As far as I know NH is not available on DVD, I have most episodes on VHS that I taped from TV)


October 2/2002 from Barry

Hi. I scanned over your Night Heat site this evening. I was a post-production videotape operator on Night Heat during the last 2 seasons. I have a copy of the wrap party video in my collection. Let me know if you are interested in a copy.



October 15/2002 from John

Thanks for your Night Heat page. I not only loved the show, but sometimes borrowed Kirkwood's closing remarks for my own weekly column in HUMAN EVENTS. One of the episodes that was most poignant appears to be missing from your lineup--about a daughter of a powerful old Mafiosi who wants to takeover. She captures one of the cops--the romantic interest of Jefferson--and threatens her with a knife. The scenes are powerful, but in the end, the lady cop flattens her. This Mafia princess was absolutely frightening and the acting was powerful. Are you familiar with this one?

(I am racking my brains to try to figure out which episode this was)


October 15/2002 from Mitch

I was browsing on the internet for looking for information about the tv serie Night Heat. Mayby a stupid question: Do you have any idea where I can get a copy of the theme music from Night Heat. Is there a soundrack? Ik hope you can answer my question.

(Ebay is always a good source. Alternatively, like I did in this case, I sent him a .wav file of the theme)