Actors of Night Heat


Scott Hylands as Detective Kevin O'Brien.

Kevin was the veteran cop. His former partner was gunned down. Kevin is dating his former partners wife, Nicole. The two met for the first time at the bar Nicole worked at. The two go through various ups and downs during the series, but the good times far outweigh the bad ones. Kevin smoked in the early episodes but then totally stopped. Kevin tends to be the driver whenever he and Frank hit the streets, since Frank hasn't fully paid his dues. Kevins favourite expressions are "Let's Roll", "(Hold it) Right There!" and "Get him out of here!". Whenever Kevin takes notes from a witness, he uses a note pad that looks like it was bought at The Dollar Store; when he finishes taking notes, he puncuates the note pad with two sharp strikes of the pen. Kevin is very good friends with Tom Kirkwood (they grew up together), as a result Tom gets the inside edge on reporting on the latest crime. Kevin has been known to watch Dr. Ruth at night. Kevin does not know how to skate. Kevin's father is dead and when he passed away he left the family very little money. His father owned a store and Kevin once stole a popcase from it. Kevin's gun in a .38. He was washing windows when Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. He does not like Jelly Filled donuts. Was in a gang when he was younger with Tom. He gets hives from eating canned peaches - therefore he hates them. Never wished to go to law school. He can not afford to buy a house. He is use to having bad dreams. Stole a radio when he was younger. Knows where the Archelipos Islands are located. Sometimes goes to the park to feed the pigeons, it calms him down. Doesn't like heights. He shot 9 'people' in his first test as a cop. Sometimes when he comes home he kisses Nicole. In High School both he and Tom dated a girl named Betty Kimberly. His father never told him that he was going out with the wrong girl. Also had a partner named Linda Peters for 5 years. Once wanted a sailboat in Tahati. Had his first bike stolen by Spike Flangan. Use to deliver groceries for Mr. Young at Rinella's Variety. He takes a little milk in his tea. He wouldn't be caught dead in an art gallery. His bathtub has at least 4 differnt types of shampoo and conditioner. He owns the board game Clue. He went to college. Has a bus shelter just outside his apartment. Wears an off-the-rack polyester suit. Has been on the job for 15 years. Does not skate. Doesn't ever listen to anything his doctor says.


Jeff Wincott as Detective Frank Giambone

Frank is the young hip cop. He is very good with the ladies when trying to get information from them. Frank was a rookie cop when Kevin's partner was shot and killed. When investigating the crime scene, Frank often acts like a curious two-year old snooping around the premises. Frank likes his beer and prefers it in a bottle - he has no preference between red or white wine. Frank played hockey in High School and was an Alter Boy in his younger days. We know that Frank does not have a sister. Frank had a high school friend commit suicide. He knows how to perform Martial Arts. He almost has his left jaw broken by Jim Torres. There was a time when he was able to run six miles. He likes kids. Thinks a museum is a good place to meet girls. Studying use to drive him nuts. He drives a red Trans-Am. He coaches youth basketball and seems to like to call timeouts. Favourite group is Slug Pistol and the Pile Drivers. Always wanted to be a fireman. Does not want sugar in his tea. Frank claims he has a nice apartment. Was brought up to believe the two most important things in life are family and friends. He goes to the track 3-4 times a year. He has never seen a shrink, does not have a drinking problem nor has he taken any drugs. Likes milk and sugar in his coffee. Was 25 years old at the time of the first season. Can breakdance. Has a grandmother. Hangs out a Panama Joes alot - to see twins. He once got bitten by a dog. He gets sick by meat factories. If he ever has a kid, he will name it Eddie. Disgusted by the sport of boxing. Uses Sprat deodorant. He has not given any thought about his own funeral arrangements. His stomach has coreners. Is crazy about Lana Turner. Was a good student, always did his homework. He likes dogs. Played High School hockey. Alleges his sisters name is Jenny (but in another episode he claims he has no sister). Could have won an athletic scholarship.


Allan Royal as Columnist Tom J. Kirkwood

Tom writes for the newspaper The Eagle. It has a daily circulation of one million. Tom has written three novels. Tom is also a recovering alcoholic. When Tom visits Nicole's bar, he always has a milk waiting for him. He only drinks in one episode (two, if you include the flashback episode). Tom gets the inside edge on the latest crime stories, because his boyhood friend, Kevin O'Brien is the head Detective in Mid-South. Tom often chews gum. Each episode ends off with Tom summarizing the story in his own special way. After he finished school he went to the Latin American country of Kostaverte and became very close to the people there. Tom grew up living in an apartment, so he did not have any pets as a result. Was in a gang when he was younger with Kevin. Believes that Chinatown is where you can get the best pizza. Tact is his speciality when writing. Worked in Los Angeles for a few years. Wrote a thesis "Brilliant Preceptors of Death and Mortality", it dealt with Murder as a death wish for suicide. Both he and Kevin dated a girl named Betty Kimberly in High School. Believes in simple things. Does not have one million dollars. He loves dogs. He can speak french. Once while doing an story on illegal aliens from Hong Kong, Tommy made phone calls from Nicole's and said he'd charge it to the paper, but never did. Has worked undercover as a homeless man. He went to college. He sees everything. Has never been to Scotland. Likes Fig Newtons. Once had a thing with a women named Dominique Madden; she dumped him and he turned to the bottle. Is writing a novel. Likes Simon & Garfunkel, does not understand current music.


Sean McCann as Lieutenant Jim Hogan - Canada's Greatest Actor

The tough but fair Lieutenant was Jim Hogan. He is married (Helen) and has a son named Bobby (who was once shot). His wife has left him twice. The best thing that ever happened to him was the birth of his child. There is some confusion though about whether he has a daughter or not - in episode 73 - Silk he talks about his daughter, yet in episode 85 - Bless Me Father, he talks to his wife how they wanted a daughter for 25 years - he mentions this when he discovers that a women he was with had one before he met his wife. The first week running the squad was the worse week of his life. He was an alter boy for 6 years. He was a Peacekeeper in Korea. He walked the beat in the neighbourhood called The Pocket for 6 months. Sometimes wishes he went to law school. Can play the piano. He has been told that he is a good listener. Likes to say "Have it on my desk". Wants an autograph of Megan Davis. He has brothers. He sometimes thinks about retiring. He use to sit where Freddy now sits. He and Kevin use to frequent a chili joint 7 years ago -where he would always have a two bowl minimum. Worked in narcotics at one time. Once drove a radio car. Has always wanted to say "Just don't leave town" to a suspect. Once worked in Vice, has worked everything.


Eugene Clark as Detective Colby Burns

He was usually partnered with Detective Freddie Carson. He is married (to Judy) and has at least one kid (son). He has written a couple short stories. He works out three times a week. He has never contiplated suicide. He once had a tape deck stolen. His musical tastes favour Joe Tex, Smokey Robinson, Jackie Wilson and Jay Black. His mother is lonely, so it is suspected that she is a widow. Has an aunt. He can play the saxophone (jazz). He works by the hour, he is not salaried. Has a brother names Devo Albert. He can run 8 blocks to an apartment, go up the stairs, down the stairs and run back the 8 blocks in 25 minutes. His son is into G.I. Joe. Got the job becuase he joined his friends who were taking the test. When he was younger, he once had a cross lit on fire on his front lawn, his brothers took care of the people that did it - it never happened again.


Stephen Mendel as Detective Freddie Carson

He was normally partnered with Detective Colby Burns. He is single. His father is a lawyer and wishes in one episode that he would leave the force and come join his firm. His mother said he would become a doctor and wanted him to become a doctor. He can speak Spanish and Italien but not very well. He has thought about suicide. He is very knowledgable in gems. He has taken at least one Antropology course in University. His musical tastes are Eclectic, Gregorian, Montovini, Weavers, Dylan. He once bought perfume for a lady, a teacher infact, when he was 8. Is a big Mike Tyson fan. On dating he usually makes it a rule that he doesn't eat anything in a styrofoam container. Keeps his desk very clean and neat. Types using one finger. Wants to go to a Dude Ranch for a vacation. His teacher said that if you don't use quotation marks it's stealing. Once read a bad article on dental surgery. All he ever wanted to be was a cop. Has his college education. His family has a lot of money invested in Beaumont.


Susan Hogan as Nicole Rimbaud

Nicole owned and operated her own bar called Nicole's. The bar use to be owned by her father-in-law and was called Rimbault's Bar. Kevin, Frank and Tom would oftern visit. Nicole is dating Kevin. Nicole has one son (Mark) from her first marriage - her husband Tony, Kevin's partner, was killed on duty. Nicole has gone through much truama in her life - check out the Misc Info Department if you don't believe me! Her son, Mark, is in school on a hockey scholarship. She has a very pink apartment. Just once she would like to ride in a Lamborgihni with the top down (!) in Rome. She sometimes wears glasses. She is going to live until she's 88. Her father is dead and her maiden name is O'Hare. She over-reacts when someone disagrees with her. She was raised to make her own decisions. She inhereted her stubourness from her mother and father. Is not crazy about donuts in bed, as they result in crumbs. She likes to garden. She once dropped her ice cream when she was little. She has worn Provoke perfume. She hates surprize parties.


Wendy Crewson as Prosecutor Dorothy Fredericks (1985)

Only appeared in a few episodes. Has a sister and mother.


Deborah Grover as Prosecutor Elaine Jeffers

A woman who knows the law. Very hard nosed and always giving the boys grief. Dated Kevin in one episode while he and Nicole were having issues. Wears Hot Stuff Pink lipstick. She use to work in Juvenile Central Booking. Once dated a guy named Mark. Brews a terrific cup of coffee. She can speak French. In college she use to have Chinese takeout with the girls. Back in High School she once wanted to become a cop. She rides the subways at night. She uses the same shampoo that Tracy Thorson sells, but doesn't get the same results.


Tony Rosato as Arthur "Whitey" Morelli - My favourite character from the show

Whitey was the street informant. Whitey had connections with the criminals of Mid-South and often gave Frank and Kevin tips to nab the guy they were pursuing. Whitey sold all types of items, on the street, as his disguise. He once had to testify in court and thus had to enter the Witness Relocation Program. Whitey has a nephew that is a little shady at times. Whitey knows how to play the violin. He visits sick children in the hospital. His paradise would be two blondes and a bottle of champaign. Has a cosuin named Joey Sanza. He plays at the track. He also goes to see dog fights. Whitey has a sister, who has a son named Tony Dimeli (different nephew from above). Is religious. Tattoos turn him off, however, but he has a tattoo where you would think. Everyone tells him how funny he is. He likes to swim (but not in a bag?). He is Italian. Once dated a girl who mud-wrestled.


Clark Johnson as Detective Dave Jefferson (1986-1988)

The smooth talking narc was Jefferson. He was always butting heads with Frank and Kevin. Each had their own way to go about nabbing the criminals. Jefferson was often undercover. Has a Christmas card list. Once had a hit put out on him. Does over 100 opearations a year. Has been told that he has a terrific way to deal with women. He lives in an apartment on top of a store, lives in unit #5. He does not keep food around his place, so that he doesn't have to cook. Was once in a relationship with a women named Lillian. He does not give out his phone number - ever. Never went to College


Lynda Mason Green as Detective Fleece Toland (1985)

Only appeared in a few episodes. Likes Mexico for a vacation spot.


Louise Vallance as Detective Stephanie "Stevie" Brody (1985-1986)

Perky and cute, Stevie added some spice to the Mid-South precinct. Often went out on the beat with Colby or Carson. Likes to drink her coffee black. Dated Frank. She can rollerskate. She can sing very well. She lives in an apartment. She doesn't come from a little town. Her mother once told her that if something is bothering you - pig out! Has seen a good Bogey-Bacall movie.


Laura Robinson as Detective Christine Meadows (1987-1989)

Christine first appeared on the show as an attractive but overly smart character. Her first date with Frank was a disaster in Franks mind. She wanted to talk shop, Frank didn't. When she became a regular, she wasn't as smart, but was just as attractive. She often hit the beat like the other detectives. Christine is knowledgable in ballistics and voice speech patterns. She has at least one sister (and brother-in-law) who themselves have at least one child (that was adopted). Looks hot, even hotter with a ponytail. Says women like to buy their own perfume. Is unable to play the piano. She is not Jewish.